Why I’m Running For Executive Council


The time has come for an effective and efficient government in Concord that works for the people of this great state.


I believe that we need to make things in this state again and that starts with our schools. We need to focus on local control at the school level and teach the young people of this state how to compete in a highly skilled and technical labor force.

I also believe that our state needs a real energy plan. We need to find responsible energy projects that respect our property rights, preserve our brilliant environment and also help to lower the cost of energy for our citizens and our businesses.

Finally, we need to work to make this state more business friendly. New Hampshire has some of the lowest job growth in the nation. If we want to make sure our state never gets a sales or income tax, which I oppose by the way, we need to work to attract new businesses to our state. In order to do that, we need a favorable tax climate, lower and predictable energy costs and a skilled work force ready to fill the jobs they create.

If I’m fortunate enough to be your next Executive Councilor, I will fight to make these things happen while also working to protect your property rights and our constitutional second amendment rights.

In closing, I hope to bring my diverse background and experience to Concord in order to get things done for the people of District 2. New Hampshire is a great state, but let’s work together to make it even better.

I’d love for the opportunity to hear from each of you during this campaign and better understand your concerns and hopefully earn your vote.Capture

Jim Beard