About Jim Beard

1P4A8137-Copy (1)I was born in Keene,  not too far away from where I live today, and spent most of my childhood right here in NH. My father was a teacher at Monadnock Regional High School where he taught industrial arts. You know, back when we used to teach our children how to actually make things!

Through my father I learned many things, but perhaps most important was the power of a good education and the importance of giving back to one’s community.

At 18, I received my commercial pilot’s license and would later go on to receive a degree in aviation management. For my professional life I have worked in various aircraft manufacturing companies  developing world wide strategic sales campaigns.  I was fortunate in my position to travel and work in many countries overseas such as Brazil, Turkey and the Middle East. Through these travels I developed an even greater appreciation for all of the freedoms and opportunities we have here in America and especially New Hampshire.2013-08-01 21.06.28 (1)

Before and after my retirement, I became more involved in my local community and served as Chair of the Lempster Conservation Commission and Chair of the Library Trustees. During my time on these boards, we were successful in securing nearly 30k in grants to renovate the historic Lempster library and also worked with the community to conserve over 600 acres of forested land through a conservation easement. In order to accomplish these projects, we created clear goals, respected the people of the community and worked with all interested parties to get the job done.