Jim Beard Announces Campaign Leadership Team Led By Chair Betty Maiola

For Immediate Release

Date: 8/17/2016

Contact: info@votejimbeard.com


Jim Beard Announces Campaign Leadership Team Led By Chair Betty Maiola


Lempster- Today, Republican Jim Beard of Lempster announced a leadership team of supporters throughout District 8, led by Campaign Chair Betty Maiola.

Jim is seeking the Republican nomination for State Senate in District 8.

Jim Beard

“I’m honored to have earned the support of so many people from across the district. Over the last two months I have knocked on over a thousand doors, introducing myself to the people of District 8 and listening to their thoughts and concerns.”

“There is no doubt in my mind that we need a solutions first attitude in New Hampshire. If elected, I will not be afraid to tackle the tough issues such as more local control of schooling, stopping common core, protecting our second amendment rights and working to find a state energy plan that not only lowers costs but respects property rights and conservation concerns.”

Betty Maiola

“Jim Beard is the exact type of conservative leader we need representing District 8 in the State Senate. Jim is firm in his beliefs, but unafraid to listen to other perspectives and find common ground. I encourage everyone to learn more about Jim and see why he deserves your vote in the September Republican primary”


District 8 Leadership Team

James Jennison, Acworth

Jackie Whiton, Antrim

Ralph Peterson, Bennington

Joe Torro, Bradford

Catherine Peschke, Croydon

John Thompson, Croydon

Orma Thompson, Croydon

Rep. Daniel Donovan, Deering

James Cowan, Deering

Leon Nelson, Deering

David Delorey, Francestown

John Splendore, Grantham

Constance Jones, Grantham

Rep. Jim Grenier, Lempster

Mary Grenier, Lempster

Kelly Caron, Lempster

Mary Contaldi, Lempster

Jim Strickland, Marlow

Rep. Skip Rollins, Newport

Rich Kloeppel, Newport

Liselle Dufort, Newport

Betty Maiola, Newport

Ellen Moore, Springfield

George Davenport, Stoddard

Tynne Cox, Unity

John Rausch, Weare

John J Valera, Windsor


To learn more about Jim’s campaign for State Senate, please visit his website at www.votejimbeard.com